Green Screen Video Studio


We have a full green screen studio on site, ready to turn your biggest ideas into reality. Unlike some other studios, our green screen studios include a fully professional setup for chroma key compositing, including key lights, color lights, high-end digital video cameras, the latest editing software, and 4k monitors so no detail is missed. Of course, all that technology can be completely overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing, which is why our team will be there to support you every step of the way.

Take Your Work To The Next Step

Green screen technology, also known as chroma key compositing, is a process where live action video is captured in front of a blank background that is later replaced digitally. It’s called “green screen” because it turns out that bright green is the best choice for this background, as it’s easy to detect and remove. Green screens are used in everything from your local weather broadcasts to the biggest Hollywood movies, and we can put that exact same technology to work for you.

Everything You
Could Ask For!

We’ll help you with costuming, lighting, set design and blocking, and more. We’ll run the cameras, we’ll edit the video, and we’ll make sure everything lives up to your expectations. All you need is an idea - we have the knowledge, technology, and ability to make it come to life. With our professional green screen studio and talented video production staff, no vision is too big to bring to the screen.

We offer an in-house green screen studio for creating Toronto’s best live action video content.

Green screen videos play an important role in consumer-facing content, business-to-business advertising, and other marketing initiatives, but their incredible flexibility makes them the perfect approach for just about anything. No video production approach combines versatility and affordability like the green screen.